Voltage Drop Calculator (60364-5-52 – IEC:2009)

By | 17 December, 2018
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Table G.52.1 – Voltage drop

Type of installation Lighting
Other uses
A – Low voltage installations supplied directly from a public low voltage distribution system 3 5
B – Low voltage installation supplied from private LV supply* 6 8
* As far as possible, it is recommended that voltage drop within the final circuits do not exceed those indicated in installation type A.
When the main wiring systems of the installations are longer than 100 m, these voltage drops may be increased by 0,005 % per metre of wiring system beyond 100 m, without this upplement being greater than 0,5 %.
Voltage drop is determined from the demand by the current-using equipment, applying diversity factors where applicable, or from the values of the design current of the circuits.
Table G.52.1 – Voltage drop
Maximum voltage drop diagram