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Size of DOL and Star-Delta starter parts.

Sizing the DOL and Star-Delta starter parts:
Circuit breaker, Over load relay, Main contactor, Delta contactor. Star Contactor, Contactor of type for each application according to IEC standards.

Size of Capacitor Bank Calculation

In the electrical system, capacitor is used for the purpose of compensating reactive power to improve the power factor cosφ (cos phi) to ensure the operation efficiency of the grid. Therefore, compensating capacitors will reduce a significant amount of electricity monthly (a few dozen% reduction depending on the unit).

Conductor sizing (60364-5-52 -IEC:2009)

Conductor sizing:
– Selection of conductor type and insualtion.
– Selection of method of installation.
– Taking account of correction factors for different environment conditions.
– Determination of cross-sectional areas using tables giving the current carrying capacity.

Full load current calculator

Full load current calculation:
In a Single phase motor:
I (current)= Power / (Voltage × Power Factor × Efficiency).

In a three phase motor.
I (current)= Power / (√3 × Voltage × Power Factor × Efficiency).