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AF-Friction factor

Swamee–Jain equation
The Swamee–Jain equation is used to solve directly for the Darcy–Weisbach friction factor f for a full-flowing circular pipe. It is an approximation of the implicit Colebrook–White equation.

AF-Reynolds number

The Reynolds number is defined as: Where: – ρ is the density of the Air/Fluid (SI units: kg/m3).– u is the velocity of the Air/Fluid with respect to the object (m/s).– L is a characteristic linear dimension (m).– μ is the dynamic viscosity of the Air/Fluid (Pa·s or N·s/m2 or kg/m·s).– ν is the kinematic… Read More »


The density, the volumetric mass density, of a substance is its mass per unit volume of the Earth’s atmosphere.


Calculate dynamic pressure and pressure drop in pipe.