Arm Sizing Tool

By | 26 December, 2018
Arm Sizing Tool
Load Information
Arm mass (m): [kg]
Length (L): [mm]
Width (W): [mm]
Offset length (r): [mm]
Not sure about the mass of arm
Thickness (T): [mm]
Material (ρ):
Mechanism condition
System efficiency (η): [%]
Transmission belt and pulleys or gears
Primary pulley (gear) diameter : [mm]
Primary pulley (gear) thickness: [mm]
Primary pulley (gear) material:
Secondary pulley (gear) diameter : [mm]
Secondary pulley (gear) thickness: [mm]
Secondary pulley (gear) material:
Operating conditions
Operating speed (V): [r/min]
Acceleration/Deceleration time (t): [s]
Stopping accuracy (± Δθ): [°]
Stopping accuracy (± Δl): [mm]
Safety factor (S·F):
Load Inertia:
Required Speed:
Load Torque:
Acceleration Torque:
Required Torque:
Required Stopping Accuracy: